Jan Axel Blomberg

Wolf’s Lair Abyss

| 1997 | Misanthropy Records— Read on Wikipedia
Mayhem - Wolf's Lair Abyss

Wolf’s Lair Abyss is an EP by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. It is the first part of Grand Declaration of War, which has been stated on the band’s website. Additionally, the main riff of the last track, “Symbols of Bloodswords”, which is the last tune of the EP, is also featured in “A Grand Declaration of War” and “View from Nihil (Part II)”. This EP was the first release by Mayhem without Euronymous, who was killed in 1993. The new lineup’s material was far more technical than that of earlier incarnations of the band; aside from the intro, each track contains at least two separate sections and is played at a furious tempo. Also, while Maniac’s vocal contributions to the band are generally controversial, his performance on this EP is routinely praised. This EP has often been cited as the best item in the new lineup’s discography.